K H Traveller Custom Homes

Represent the Craft. Respect the Project.


Born to Build.

We are a family-owned business with over 45 years of construction experience in St. George, including over 20 years of experience building custom homes in Stone Cliff. We also serve as Board and Architecture Committee members for the Stone Cliff HOA. We are a specialized division of K H Traveller Development, a well-known and well respected local company responsible for building everything from data centers to entire residential developments. We were formed to focus exclusively on individual, custom crafted, hand built homes. We are led by Kason Traveller, oldest son of Kay H. Traveller. Kason has spent his entire life on construction sites, mentored by some of the industry’s most talented professionals. Kason has constructed Stone Cliff’s finest homes. 


Our Approach: 

“Every project is unique and deserves a tailored approach.”


Houses, Homes, Dwellings – call them what you will, to us they are a project. We are not talking government housing or balsa wood airplanes, we mean projects in the sense of N.A.S.A, Hoover Dam or the Golden Gate Bridge. We assemble the expert teams, we don’t take shortcuts, and our entire focus is mission success. To some builders it’s just a house, but to us, it’s a project


We have built multiple award-winning Parade homes and are routinely recognized for offering innovative and breathtaking designs. We have access to world-class architecture design services offering over 30 years of experience, as well as the best interior designer services available. Clients can modify existing home designs, or develop a completely new custom home design. The choice is yours.


Every project has meaning to us. It will carry our name for generations to come. These projects are built to accommodate specific hopes even dreams for the homeowners who have commissioned them. We carry an intense responsibility, to build a home that is worth more than the labor and materials put into it. Many suppliers and subcontractors visit our sites, we make sure they know this is not just any house – this one has our name on it.


You Should Know:

  • We like process. It’s important for us to always know exactly what is going on with our projects, as well as build and maintain long-term relationships. We believe our homeowners deserve that too. Up-to-date project info with photos available 24/7.
  • We build anywhere. We can build anywhere, but Stone Cliff is our home turf. K H Traveller Development has established some incredible residential communities here in St. George. None more impressive than Stone Cliff, we love building here and know you will love living here.
  • Details matter. We want your home to look good. Interior designers improve our work with a tailored approach. If you have one already, great! If not, we can recommend ours. Our goal is to ensure that the process of building your dream home is a pleasurable experience.
  • All our homes come with a 6-year bumper to bumper warranty. We know home built by our team will stand the test of time, so we have no problem standing behind our work for years to come.  



“In all honesty, we chose Kason Traveller to be the builder of our new home based purely on the fact that he came to us so highly recommended. And, now, we happily find ourselves in the position of being able to pay those recommendations forward by providing an unequivocal endorsement of Kason Traveller. We simply cannot say enough good things about Kason and his awesome team. Thank you Kason and team – we could not have had a better home-building experience.”  — Skip and Nea Fenn

“My husband and I love our new home. We were impressed with Kason from the minute we met him. We want to thank Kason, Tom, and his fabulous team for such careful attention to our beautiful home! Kason and Tom went above and beyond to help us in every way.”  — Darrell and Barbara Nielsen

“K H Traveller Custom Homes recently built our home in Stone Cliff and our experience working with them was exceptional. In a day and age of the need for using formal contracts to do business, Kason is the kind of person that you can do business with using only a handshake. He will do exactly what he says he will do and with a high level of integrity. Building a home can be stressful, but we can honestly say that the process of building a home with K H Traveller Custom Homes was stress-free.”  — LaDel Laub


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